a storm is rushing our bodies in the night


it’s late

and we’re turning into wind

growing wild from the inside

running over rooftops

laughing out loudly

at a darkening blue sky


a storm is approaching

we can smell it in the hot air

breaking out like sweat

through the skin of the houses

flooding the streets

invading this town’s dreams


a thunder of joy

is hidden in the deep silence

as we lie on our backs

at the edge of a shelf cloud

growing like a shadow

over the sleepy sun


our breath is heavy and moist


under the electric dark blue sky

we smile shyly


and suddenly

we collide into each other

like two air masses of different temperatures

creating an undular bore

crushing the crystal clear evening


and it rains


it rains for hours

for days and for weeks

we loose track of ourselves

trapped in the wet tornado of our bodies

rushing in the deep black night.


All content © funblog4fun. Do not reproduce without written consent!



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