the I dilemma


there’s always this I

standing in the way


I love

I can’t

I suffer

I hope


filling up the universe

blinding me like a straw

in the eye


I feel

I think

I hope

but I want


breaking me down

with the will of its desires


I hate

I hope

I am thirsty

of power


there’s all these I’s

standing in the way

entire woods of shining swords

or huge wolf canines

ready to chew up everything


and I

hiding small and humble

behind these huge I’s

crushed in the dark

growing in the shadow

like a poisonous snake

crawling in the dirt

a freshly growing ego


it’s all about the I’s


the I hope

the I scream

the I shout

the I mourn


there are so many I’s

and the deeper I go

there is I in the I in the I


and I’m tired

I’m loaded

I’m useless

but I hope


and I can see no end to it

no relieve

no nirvana

I is filled with I’s

up to its cells

its atoms

its quarks


I can’t grasp anything

beyond the hopeless fight

of my egos


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