Escape through the wormhole

Part I

— Preparing to enter the wormhole. Shields down!

— Already? We’re not safe yet; let’s wait until the very last moment to turn the shields down. We might be followed!

Isamu was trying to find the exact location of the wormhole on the 3D screen placed in front of him. Cora was fixating the radar to catch any signs of enemy ship and prepare for defense in case anyone got too close.

— Let’s not loose our concentration. Remember, the goal was zero deaths, Cora reminded herself and the others.

— Agree. I located the wormhole; if everything goes fine we’ll enter in exactly 2 minutes. We can deactivate the shields the latest in exactly 90 seconds and counting down. We have to be very precise otherwise we will miss our only chance of entering, said Isamu.

— The wormhole is active only 10 minutes; if we miss our entry we might as well blow ourselves up. There is no going back. Everyone knows about us, we’re all over the news and a huge martial fleet is waiting for us down there, said Nina pointing towards the blue earth globe displayed on the screen.

There was deep silence in the cabin.

— Everyone else on track? asked Isamu.

— Confirmed, the passenger cargos are right behind us, responded Tenoch.

— Bloody hell, we almost did it! In exactly one minute we’re going to reach the wormhole!

Isamu was excited and so where the others. Although things didn’t go exactly as planned, because they didn’t manage to flee the earth undetected, the rest was on track. No further unpleasant surprises were expected, since nobody else besides the crew could possibly know about the existence of the wormhole leading to Agorasus and how to locate it. The ship was speeding through the deep black space and the earth was now only a little blue sphere in the right corner of the fighter’s screen, soon to be swallowed by the darkness.


2 thoughts on “Escape through the wormhole

    • Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 This is just a short story and I will be posting it on my blog in 5 parts. From experience I know that short texts are easier to read online. I hope you will also like the rest. Happy to hear your feedback 😀


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