Escape through the wormhole

Part II

— I can already feel it, said Isamu. Should I turn the shields down?

As he was getting ready to execute the command, Cora shouted:

— Wait, army fighter behind us approaching at high speed. Don’t let the shields down! If we enter the wormhole now they will locate us. I repeat: don’t let the shields down, they’re preparing to fire!

Isamu aborted the command and instead made a manoeuvre to turn the fighter around.

— What are you doing?, asked Cora.

— I am buying us time. We have exactly 10 minutes and 14 seconds to enter the wormhole. Afterwards it will be goodbye Agorasus and new life and we’re all going to hell!

— Wait, what do you want to do?, asked Cora.

The ship rushed past the 5 immense passenger cargos and was heading towards the army fighter.

— How many assholes are on that fighter?

— It’s a small one of maximum two pilots, said Tenoch.

— And two have fallen so that the rest can live…

Isamu prepared to fire on the army fighter.

— Are you crazy? We said we will cause no blood to flow! Holly mother of earth, have you gone mad?

Cora tried to stop him but Tenoch caught the wrist of her right arm and Nina grabbed her shoulders.

— Cora, it’s them or us. If we don’t fire, 50.000 people will die. Either way, there will be blood on our hands, said Nina.

Cora’s face turned white as she saw Isamu fixate the target and prepare to launch the attack. The army fighter was so close she could almost see the two pilots. They were about to fire as well; there was no doubt of that. She suddenly felt like the blood was drained from her veins; she could not bear the thought of taking those people’s lives.


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