a short encounter with light



am I not a fleshy pinhole camera

the world projected upside down

in the dark room hidden inside my brain?


I see the big universe through the finite aperture of a small life

and try to narrow the circle of confusion


after a long exposure to daily life

I go to bed with a couple of nickel movies

captured on my vitagraph


my ideas are sharp but only in black and white

and my vision is a virtually constant depth of field


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the accidental threesome


a walk holding hands

strolling through the late Friday afternoon in the city

a me-and-you scene

window shopping

in the hipp boutiques of the 7th district

we’re going to pick up my lost phone

at the organic shop

when I suddenly hear:


„hola niña“


and there he stands in front of me

— I most certainly shivered with surprise

a sudden rush of adrenaline rocketing to my brain —

for a second we look each other in the eyes deeply

then he quickly slips by

I follow his half-circle trajectory

— orbiting bewildered in this new constelation —

and we all stop


„hola niña“ he says


I take a deep breath and I smile and I greet

— and I think to myself: whit a quirk of fate

we finally come to the end of it —

and he stands there as if stroke for the first time

by the sight of me plunging into his reality with a splash


„hola niña“ he says


and I feel a sudden shift in the attraction force:

it is too late for promises and mending broken hearts, I reply

quietly facing him with you looking over my shoulder

— and I know this is the turning point

the escaping gap I was searching for

and I rush through it madly —


„hola niña“

these are the last words

sealing the past

setting me free at last


I turn around and you say: ”who’s that guy?“

„just a friend“ I reply

happily evading this accidental threesome

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